Discover the magic in developing the iOS app, iOS keyword installs are a very effective tool to help App developers save costs and time. What made that miracle? Let's start discovering together.

What are iOS keyword installs?

iOS keyword installs are installs by keywords. Users search the app using these installs. These installs are beneficial in that they can increase keyword ranks. A majority of organic installs are availed by top positions for renowned keywords. This is the best option for a user’s application since it is the fastest way to get closer to their target users.

What is the iOS keyword installs

What are the iOS keyword installs? Source:

These iOS keyword installs help a user’s application to grow up in rank for a specific keyword. In a nutshell, keyword installs are installs whose occurrence results from a user searching the app store using a specific set of keyword combinations.

How does it work?

Primarily, iOS keyword installs tune the algorithm into the thought that the install is from a user searching for an app and later downloading it. So it works the same way as buying likes on social media or buying reviews.

How does it work

How does it work? Source:

Users will rise iOS rank for the keyword, which will, in turn, cause elevated visibility. However, when users cease buying installs, their ranks will drop even way lower.

The benefit of iOS keywords installs

Increasing keyword ranking

By getting the algorithm to think that the install is coming from a user searching for an application to download it, a user will move up rank-wise for the keyword. Often, moving up the rank will lead to increased visibility.

The benefit of iOS keyword installsThe benefit of iOS keyword installs, Source:

Additionally, these keyword installs help users to follow their keyword rank effectively. This is made possible by the inbuilt keyword tracker, which helps users check their live rankings all across the globe.

Increasing the number of users

iOS keyword installs raise keyword ranking, increasing visibility. Improved visibility means an automatic increase in the number of users. An increasing number of users means that your app will become more competitive. It is known that big players are always opting for the most inventive ways of promoting their apps to users. Among these innovative ways of promotion is buying installs. Therefore, developers are advised to use these keyword installs to raise the number of users and remain competitive.

Increasing revenue

Using the proper strategy and keyword in the proper positions, developers will undoubtedly draw more cash in the bank. The more revenue developers earn, the more keywords they are able to promote, resulting in a perpetual circle of favorable outcomes.

iOS keyword installs are the best tools for app developers

Campaigning for keywords installs is an effective way to combine various specific keywords and run them concurrently. Keywords promotion is absolutely effective, and after developers use keyword installs, their apps will rise to higher ranks, increased visibility, and more avenues for users to trace and download the app.

iOS keyword installs are the best tools for app developersiOS keyword installs are the best tools for app developers, Source:

Even when users have some excellent ranks, which might fall somehow if a developer is stopping the installs, the app will have already gained tremendous benefits from the installs, since the more total installs an app gets, the easier it is for the app to gain better ranks once more, just by organic traffic.

iOS keyword installs to provide a wide range of inventive services as below:

Guaranteed ranking

This is the installs’ most amazing service. Developers must install a keyword or multiple keywords, and they will make you a customized price, which will depend on the rank a developer wants to be guaranteed.

Keyword installs

iOS keyword installs have all app developers covered. iOS keyword installs can push above 5000 installs each day, making it possible for developers to get to any rank they wish to reach.

Package installs

For developers with newly released apps or insufficient installs to rank any keywords, they might consider purchasing some package installs to get their apps on the move.

App store optimization (ASO)

iOS keyword installs specialists can provide developers with all the details they require, which will, in turn, result in their apps performing to their highest abilities.

Sticky ratings

It is every developer’s wish to enhance the overall rating of their app. The service herein guarantees that every rating it leaves is permanent and does not get removed.

Sticky reviews

For developers whose objective is to convince their potentials users, this service will leave some reviews that will push people to download the app. Just like the ratings, these reviews too are permanent and cannot be removed.

 Why app developers should buy iOS keyword installs

App developers are advised to buy iOS keyword installs to help their apps gather more ranking, more visibility, attract more users, and increase revenue, which is always the ultimate objective when creating or developing an app. Additionally, developers will take advantage of the additional features and services of iOS keyword installs. These additional benefits include guaranteed ranking, sticky reviews, sticky ratings, keyword installs, and convenient customer service.

Why app developers should buy iOS keyword installsWhy app developers should buy iOS keyword installs, Source:

Further, iOS keyword installs will push an app to the top rank on any keyword a developer may want. The higher an app ranks, the more organic traffic a developer generates. Around 83% of all the users are looking at the top 10 results when downloading any app.


Indeed, traffic is vital in promoting an app. This is a far as ranking, reviews, rating, visibility, and the number of users are concerned. Lucky enough for developers, there is a sure way of generating organic traffic, iOS keyword installs. With this tool, developers can enjoy additional benefits such as sticking reviews and ratings. However, developers are always advised to purchase country target iOS keyword installs from legitimate websites selling genuine keyword installs for their various apps. Now you have understood more about iOS keyword installs from the above information. All the best with your app! Good luck, developers.

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