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  • Some certain steps undertaken while Sovaldi combination therapy course
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Some certain steps undertaken while Sovaldi combination therapy course

The prescription medication Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) is an essential component in a mixture of antiviral treatment course to treat chronic Hepatitis C infection, specifically genotype 1, 2, 3, or 4, including those patients with hepatocellular carcinoma corresponding to Milan criteria (being on the list for liver transplant surgery) and those ones co-infected with Hepatitis C and HIV diseases. That is why; testing for Hepatitis C genotype is always clinically required. As soon as the genotype is detected, it should not be tested once more because genotypes do not undergo changes during the course of the disease. Moreover, as soon as infection with Hepatitis C virus has been identified through various tests, a liver biopsy may be administered for a patient with chronic Hepatitis C. A liver biopsy can indicate vital information that other tests cannot demonstrate. A liver biopsy can indicate the exact manifestation of inflammation and scar tissue in cases of chronic Hepatitis, as well as the reason, i.e., alcohol, viruses or even a toxic combination of both. Liver biopsy is also considered to be the only method to detect the presence or absence of cirrhosis of the liver. And eventually, liver biopsy can significantly help in specifying decisions concerning the fact if and when treatment with Sovaldi should be initiated, dependant on the outcomes.

Sovaldi is an administered a daily taken oral nucleotide analog polymerase inhibitor to be used in combination with Peginterferon alfa and Ribavirin OR Ribavirin. The active component in this 400 mg tablet is Sofosbuvir.

Decreasing the prescribed dosage of Sovaldi is not advised by physicians. But, if an individual with genotype 1 or 4 faces a serious adverse reaction that is most evidently caused by Peginterferon alfa and/or Ribavirin, the Peginterferon alfa and/or Ribavirin dosage could be decreased or ceased oriented on the information provided in these medications' informational guide concerning how to correctly decrease and/or cease Peginterferon alfa and/or Ribavirin dose.

If a patient with genotype 2 or 3 should face a serious adverse reaction that is most probably related to Ribavirin, Ribavirin dosage could be changed or stopped until the adverse reaction vanishes or decreases in its manifestation. There is provided Ribavirin dosage changing information in the prescribing information.

If the other medications used together in combination with Sovaldi are discontinued, then Sovaldi must be as well discontinued.

But any patients, while taking this cocktail, should not think, that he/she will definitely experience any kind of serious adverse reactions. This matter is purely individual and varies from patient to patient.


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