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What Marlboro brand's versions to choose?

For many years Marlboro brand has been one of the most irreplaceable cigarettes brands globally due to its special taste and appealing elegant outlook. Since the very introduction of the brand there have been created various different flavors of Marlboro brand. Below you can see the list of the most wide - spread varieties of Marlboro cigarettes.

Marlboro Full Flavored cigarettes known more as Marlboro Red vividly demonstrated their individual mark in the form of red crest on the white package. These are the authentic cigarettes which are best of all liked by those who admire Marlboro brand. They can be purchased both in king size and in 100s.

Marlboro Medium Cigarettes are actually the happy medium between Marlboro Red and Marlboro Light. So, logically, we understand that these cigarettes are not as strong as Reds and not as light as Lights, possessing less tar and nicotine content in them. You can recognize them at once by a small red Marlboro crest on a white package. They are available in king size and 100s.

Marlboro Lights are differentiated by the less concentration of tar and nicotine in them. They also are marked by a crest but it is a gold one. Find Marlboro Lights in king size and in 100s.

Aside from the described varieties of Marlboro cigarettes it's worth describing other types of this brand that found their loyal fans and continue being popular till today. Marlboro Ultra Lights were elaborated as a necessary approach to a decrease of health hazard. Their taste is almost identical as the taste of Full Flavored cigarettes but the amount of tar and nicotine reached its minimum. They are marked with a silver crest. Choose from the king size and 100s.

Marlboro Menthol variety is a unique version which possesses the pleasant menthol taste and is marketed in white packs with green arrangements. The sold varieties are Light and Full Flavored.

Switching to this or that flavor depends on the person's preferences and brand loyalty. If you made a conclusion to buy a certain Marlboro variety, submit an online order on a reliable online store and receive a reduced price!

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