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New Marlboro cigarettes plain packages in UK

UK become the first Member State which introduced plain packaging on cigarette packets. According to this bill all cigarette packages sold in UK must be similar in size, shape, be without trademarks, pictures, without attractive colors and sure to include graphic health warnings.

After the adoption in UK of a cigarette plain packages bill, many cigarette manufacturers began to wonder how to make their cigarette packs fit the new parameters but to avoid losing their individuality. Time for such changes left quite a bit, as the law will come into effect before May 2016.

The first, who dared to present its ideas about how a new cigarette pack design should look like, was a famous manufacturer of tobacco products Philip Morris. PM launched past year its new Marlboro plain packaging for 5 Marlboro packs: Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol, they will be introduced this month in UK cigarette markets.

The new cigarette package design had been released in France last year and presented past summer. The design is characterized by the complete absence of any inscriptions, labels and logos, the design is sustained only in 2 colors. Cigarette packs have retained the familiar Marlboro chevron (red stripe on white background for Marlboro Red, green strip on a white background for White Menthol, blue stripe on black background for Ice Blast, golden band on a white background for Gold and blue on white for Marlboro Silver Blue).

More than half a pack will take graphic health warnings. According to company representatives, in addition to packaging changes and cigarettes will be changed too, of course for the better, the new design reflects the "constant evolution of the brand over its 90 year history" - Philip Morris representatives said.

Apparently manufacturers still are worried that to smokers may seem that Marlboro cigarettes will lose their unique taste. Philip Morris managing director for the UK - Martin Inkster stated, that this redesign will "ensure that adult smokers get the most premium smoking experience possible" and this new packages "contains the world's best-selling cigarette range".

Marlboro cigarettes will have a new tipping paper designs and have been upgraded to include a firm filter, that certainly will not prevent Marlboro lovers to enjoy deep and rich tobacco taste, so characteristic for this famous cigarette brand.


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