Kids Teaching|(Available now!)Kindergarten teacher,1 year (Zhongshan Shi, China)

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Role description
#Roles in Kindergarten 【Teacher for children】 -Design and deliver lessons to children. -Participate in the school activities, outdoor classes and so on. -Manage the classes and take care of children when in responsibility. 【Culture exchanger】 -Prepare the lessons together with Chinese teachers to get deeper understanding of Chinese education and culture. -Interact with children and spread the culture in your country to them, and meanwhile experience Chinese culture in activities.

Main activities
Develop English lesson plans according to schedule.Prepare and deliver meaningful classes or games.Attend various activities, communicate with students, parents and teaching administration
Get training from kindergarten to enhance the teaching and expression abilities
Check and evaluate students' daily assignments.Take care of kids and manage classroom principles.
Attend school meetings and weekly briefing, follow the regulations
-Have clear communication with kindergarten and hear its arrangement about teaching variation.
-Be absorbed in teaching as you directly experience Chinese society and show your culture with children,
Fill each STANDARDS on AIESEC portal once they are fufilled in your journey.
-Your working hour is adjusted with the type of lessons you follow.-If follow training lessons,work with students age 2-12, working hour:10:30-12:30;14:00-16:30;17:30-21:00 from Wednesday to Friday with lunch and dinner covered;And 8:30-12:30;14:00-18:00 from Saturday to Sunday without lunch and dinner.
-If follow common lesson in kindergarten, work 8 hours everyday and 40 hours from Mon to Fri

52 Weeks

Working hours
08:00 am to 05:00 pm (Not on weekends)
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