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Role description
Teaching adults English and deliver English Training to the cooperation. (Required 1 year and graduate) About the salary, it is counted by hour. **Working hours is depends on the class which the interns chooses.** **an actual employment contract with good pay and a 12 month renewable contract **The location depends on the negotiation between you and the company because Hess dots Taiwan**

Main activities
1.Teaching children English.(elementary school)
2 Preparing other interesting knowledge before teaching the topic. (Teaching material provided)
3. Joining activities the Institute hold. (EX. Christmas party)
4. More interaction with children in English.
5. Teaching adults English.(Sometimes)
6 Providing ideas for shows/ contests/ summer camp/ drama.(Activities Institute hold)

52 Weeks

Working hours
09:00 am to 09:00 pm (Saturdays are working)
Работа за рубежом
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