Sales Manager for Business Development (Vilnius, Lithuania)

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Role description
An intership called 'Sales Manager for Business Development' is the position for Sales Manager to help the company to expand, find new clients and communicate with the current ones. According to JD, the intern will be able to improve sales, marketing, communication, english language skills etc. The company has already had two interns from China and Indonesia. You will be working in LW Group (distributes to LW Trans and LW Logistics) Apply also here:

Main activities:
Searching for potencial clients
Constant and long-term communication with the customers
Market research (according to the particular country)
Doing Sales (directly, telephone, e-mails)

52 Weeks

Working hours:
08:00 am to 05:00 am (Not on weekends)
Офисный персонал, АХО, работа с клиентами Работа за рубежом
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